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May 20, 2010
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Feb 21, 2010, 5:03:01 PM
Hetalia - pRussia Kaliningrad by NanjoKoji Hetalia - pRussia Kaliningrad by NanjoKoji
In winter 1945, Pomerania, Silesia, Posen, Danzig, East Prussia were overrun by the russian military forces.

"Reports of Soviet atrocities in the Nemmersdorf massacre of October 1944 and organised rape spread fear and desperation among the civilians. Thousands lost their lives during the sinkings by Soviet submarine of the refugee ships Wilhelm Gustloff, the Goya, and the General von Steuben. Königsberg surrendered on 9 April 1945, following the desperate four-day Battle of Königsberg. The number of civilians killed is estimated to be at least 300,000 with most dying under horrible conditions.
However, most of the German inhabitants, which then consisted principally of women, children, and old men, did manage to escape the Red Army as part of the largest exodus of people in human history. A population which had stood at 2.2 million in 1940 was reduced to 193,000 at the end of May 1945"

"What Josef started, Iosef is going to finish now", Ivan said and his smile was cold as the january storm. "Comrade."
His kiss was gentle as his hand crushed Gilbert's cheekbones.
Gilbert whispered, blinded, voiceless, deaf by the silence of those dying on their feet.

This is clearly post-WWII-themed. This is just what this picture makes me feel like. Hetalia deals with history and history is ugly at times.
No offence intended.
I love this photo a lot. So I kept it up to now. Not because of the theme, just because of the feeling of cold and hopelessness conveyed.

Btw, Josef refers to Josef Mengele, the sadist concentration camp doctor. Iosef refers to Iosef Stalin.

:iconravenic: as Russia - Ivan Braginski
:iconnanjokoji: (me) as Prussia - Gilbert Beilschmidt
Axis Powers Hetalia

photo by *sley

It's dark now and it's snowing
O my love I must be going,
The river has started to freeze.
And I'm sick of pretending
I'm broken from bending
I've lived too long on my knees.

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kitkat0824 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014
Run Prussia! For gods sake! RUN! Becoming does not mean what you think it means!
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Nice ^^ russia and prussia are my favourite Charakter
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AcesBabyGirl Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem! ^_^ Really great work.
KawaiiSuperHuman Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Student Photographer
*gross sobbing*

This is... so sad... but... so beautiful...!
motwer3 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I know i asked for the permission to use your prussia cosplay pictures for a video along time ago and youprobably don't rememberit but i had the video done for awhile an i just completely forgot to post it. So i will possibly have it up by tomorrow night. Again i apologize if you don't remember me asking.
NanjoKoji Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013
No problem, I don't really have an overview over the comments I'm getting, too:) I'm looking forward to it!
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